W|W Easter Egg Hunt

WWFFHHApril 2nd6pm - 12am
The Bunny needs his eggs back! Someone stole his most prized eggs and hid them around Chinatown. Were asking you to help track them down. We are also offering up an eggcellent reward for those that can help us!
egg #1

A proud hound once stood guard,
whose teeth were sturdy and rock hard.
He sits upon his strong hind legs,
under one is hidden the egg.
It's too bad he cant leave his yard.

egg #2

A noble man once told me,
"You have to fight for the small man. You see?"
His color was red with blue on his back.
He stands by the egg in one of the cracks.
Now I know how to cross the sea.

egg #3

They used to do it by horse, but now it's by air,
they'll work with anybody without a care.
Some people will demand "Throw me a bone!",
Ok, ok, the egg sits in the bowl made of stone.
Find it near somewhere for prayer.

egg #4

Its fun to flip things around,
Take a "W" and turn up side down.
A daring feat you must make,
take a 2nd floor parking break.
Try to find this one off the ground.

egg #5 height=

On a pedestal is where she stands,
holding a baby with her left hand.
It looks as if she never sleeps,
she must stay vigilant, keeping the peace.
She may have her own marching band.

egg #6

You might find a fake mustache here,
you can belly up to the bar and have a beer.
Ask for Wayne and order a shot,
be sure to request "Make it hot!".
There is no parking in the rear.

egg #7

Home sweet home is where i'll B,
Take the tour and you shall see.
In the room you shall find,
the egg that is hidden under the rind.
Solve the riddle and you have the key.

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